Global Coop Ltd.

-fabrication of seat frames for campers and caravans
- fabrication of metal parts and steel structures
- TIG and MAG/MIG welding
- custom machining services 

About Us

Company profile

Global Coop Ltd. , founded in 1990, is a family-run machining and fabrication company based in Hungary. We mainly specialize in the fabrication of metal parts and metal structures, welding and repair services. The founder and Head Managing Director is Sandor Fricska, a mechanical engineer himself, who has over 50 years’ worth of expertise in the field.
The company is located in Balassagyarmat, 80 km/ 50 mi from the capital city Budapest. The site can be easily approached by large size vehicles and public transport.
Machining and fabrication activities are carried out on our fully equipped, renovated, 1500 m2/ 16 000 ft2 work floor. 


Global Coop Ltd. owns an 80 million HUF worth of machinery park. Our main profile is the fabrication of metal and aluminum parts/ accessories for caravans and campers and planning/designing/fabricating custom-made rotating and transporting utility carts for domestic and foreign partners. By providing traditional and innovative solutions for our customers’ needs, our company has contributed to the development of the metal industry not only in Hungary, but in Europe as well.

Our chipping machine park consists of lathe machines, semi-automatic milling machines and drilling tools. For metal plate shaping, we use bending/folding machines and sheet shears, for fitting work we use TIG, electrode and gas welding. 

As our mission is to provide quality products and services, we pay great importance to training and development. Our machinist staff consists of experienced, trained, certified fabricators and TÜV certified, coded welders. Our cutter, turner, welding and surface treatment skilled workers are sent to participate in vocational trainings on a regular basis.

TÜV ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

For all work activities, Global Coop Ltd. has established an extensive quality management system that is in conformance with the International Quality System Standard ISO 9004:2015. The certificate is valid until 06.22.2021.

TÜV ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

Main Partners

- KNAUS TABBERT Kft., Nagyoroszi, Hungary /Germany
- Aluflex Kft., Hungary
- Szomor és Társa Kft., Hungary
- Delta-Tech Kft., Hungary, International

Our address

2660 Balassagyarmat,
Pozsonyi út 30.


Office telephone/ fax:
+36  35  302-655
English speaking customer service:
Eva Fricska
+36 20 216 3328

Office hours

Monday to Friday:
6 am to 2 pm (CEST) UTC+2

Managing Director:  

Gabor Fricska
Office telephone/ fax:
+36 35 302-655